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I am a “Science-Based Holistic Nutritionist” living at the intersection of science and holistic health” (and it’s really, really interesting here!). 🙂


I love blending my unique toxicology/pharmaceutical/safety background with my holistic nutrition certification.


Bone Nutrition

Bone health

  • You want good health, strong bones, and to retain your mobility?  Would you like to optimize your bone nutrition?  Do you want to be empowered exactly how to “eat better and take a calcium supplement” with awesome recipes and personalized expert advice? – Optimize your bone nutrition here.


Supplement Review

Taking too many supplements


Health Writing


  • Are you a holistic health professional in need of credible high-quality content?  Do you want to maintain credibility, increase your visibility and get more referrals from healthcare professionals?  – Get your science-based content here.


Marijuana for pain (ebook)

Marijuana for Chronic Pain

  • To know the real science behind marijuana’s use for pain?  What science really knows about the risks and benefits? – Get your e-book here.


Leesa Klich is a science-based holistic nutritionist living at the intersection of science and holistic health (it’s really, really interesting here!) 🙂


At Nutrition Interactions she empowers women to optimize their bone health using foods, supplements and lifestyle upgrades.  She also helps holistic-minded people taking medications maximize the benefits of good nutrition; as well as creates credible science-based content for holistic health professionals.

She has a MSc in Biomedical Toxicology and Nutritional Science, over a decade experience in drug/supplement safety, and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is also a lifelong learner, and is currently completing Dr. Lani Simpson’s Osteoporosis & Bone Health Training Program.  For a list of free health resources, click here.

If you want to know more about my health philosophy, click here.