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Do you feel like you don’t have time to write for your holistic business?  Maybe you don’t know exactly how to find credible scientific articles and turn the (sometimes boring) info into educational and fun content that will get read by your ideal clients.  Or maybe you can’t seem to publish content with any regularity.


In order to grow your health business you know you need to publish consistent, high-quality content.  Credibility is key when it comes to building your personal health brand and your content needs to reflect your expertise.


Maybe you want to get referrals from doctors or other healthcare professionals and your lack of science-based content is making it hard for you to put yourself out there.


What would it mean to your health practice to consistently publish high-value, science-based, FUN content?

  • Maybe having clients find you because you’re attracting more attention by becoming more visible.

  • Maybe becoming the “go-to expert” and the “one stop shop” in your niche.

  • Or maybe, you get referrals for those clients that you know you can help.


For your business, this might look like:

  • more frequent blog content (perhaps a regular contributing author, or an inventory of done-for-you articles to choose from);

  • Interesting facts and resources for your upcoming interview, vlog post, podcast or recipe;

  • downloadable information for your clients; or even

  • a book.


But you’re stuck.  And instead you…

  • Just don’t have the time to create frequent content (I mean you have a business to run!); or

  • Simply don’t like doing the research and sorting through so many studies and so much lingo (Are you overwhelmed?); or

  • Don’t enjoy the writing process (It’s not for everyone).


If you’re a personal brand in the health & wellness industry I can (and would absolutely love to) help you create reliable and professionally written content for your practice.



Hi, I’m Leesa:


Science Nerd, Health Writer, and Holistic Nutritionist.


I know what it’s like to spend a lot (!) of time to source and understand credible health research, and then compose high-quality easy-to-understand content for your holistic clients.


And guess what?


I love it!

  • I love finding reliable and trusted sources.

  • I love sifting through and making sense of the research.

  • I get the lingo.

  • I’m super-awesome at breaking down the boring science stuff, and turning it into fun, easy-to-read articles.


Why hire me?


I’m not just a health writer.  I’m a science-based holistic nutritionist (MSc, RHN).

I know (and value) the holistic approach to health.


Trevor King, on behalf of Andrew Saul; Re: Transcription of MegaVitamin Course

“Leesa conscientiously offered to transcribe the entire 10 week MegaVitamin course after being a student in its first offering. She has excellent medical writing skills including medical terminology, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She efficiently transcribed the video course into a 161-page pdf eBook which we now include as part of subsequent course offerings.  She needed minimal direction, and her work was of very high quality.  And she was a joy to work with as well.

I highly recommend her for health transcription opportunities if you want someone who has experience, and is very accurate and professional. And most importantly – it will be a hassle free journey.”


If you’re at a point now where you think it’s absolutely essential to have more frequent, reliable content for your business, and you want to outsource this service, then I invite you to consider working with me.


Want examples of what I’ve written?  Here are a few:


Let’s work together to increase your visibility, credibility and overall business.


Not only do I do custom freelance blog posts, but I’m also creating a “bank” of copyright-free health & wellness articles that you can download instantly and put on your blog today!

Click here for my list of services* and prices**.

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**All prices are in Canadian dollars


Or, if you’d rather have a quick chat to discuss your goals and science-based content needs, feel free to book 15-minutes with me here (we can also quickly go over the questions in the form too).


If you’re not ready just yet, here is an offer for you:

  • For my list of “go-to” credible health and nutrition resources, as well as some great links to understanding and evaluating health science, please spend a couple of minutes to let me know how I may be able to help you in the future by completing this survey.


Let’s connect!




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Leesa Klich is a science-based holistic nutritionist and health writer.  She lives at the intersection of science and holistic health (it’s really, really interesting here!) 🙂

At Nutrition Interactions she creates credible science-based content for holistic health professionals.  She also loves to empower women to optimize their bone health using foods, supplements and lifestyle upgrades, and helps holistic-minded people taking medications maximize the benefits of good nutrition.

She has a MSc in Toxicology and Nutritional Science, over a decade experience in drug/supplement safety, and is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. For a list of free health resources, click here.