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    Here’s a list of reputable websites that you can search when you want higher-quality health info than what Google usually finds. Sign up to download the list.


Peer-reviewed published scientific studies on all health topics (note, not all studies are free):

  • PubMed – For looking up just about every scientific study published.

  • I’ve compiled a few tips for those who want to use PubMed – you can Grab your copy here!.


Foods & Nutrients:


Supplement Info:



  • Medical Marijuana and Cannabinoids  For a handy table summarizing the approved marijuana-based medications, click here.

  • X-ray, CT Scan, bone Density Test, MammogramDo you need an x-ray, CT scan, Bone density test or Mammogram?  Read the post here, or Sign up to download the four things you can do (including a handy tracking chart).


Medication Info:


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